What is in ConfidentialMind?
Developing production applications securely with LLMs requires deploying your own stack. What if you did not have to do that? We've done the work of bundling and pre-configuring all the components you need for building solutions and integrating LLMs directly into your business processes. With ConfidentialMind you can jump right into action.
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ConfidentialMind stack diagram
Main components
All the goodness that comes with ConfidentialMind Stack
Self-hosted LLMs

Deploys an endpoint for the most powerful open source LLMs like Llama-2, turning it into an internal LLM API. Imagine ChatGPT in your very own cloud. This is the most secure  solution possible.

LLama face
Externally hosted LLMs

Connects the rest of the stack with the APIs of the largest hosted LLM providers like Azure OpenAI, AWS Bedrock or IBM.

OpenAI logo on background
Playground UI

ConfidentialMind deploys a playground UI based on Streamlit with a selection of LLM-powered productivity tools for your company such as writing assistants and document analysts.

Vector Databases

Includes a vector database, a critical components for the most common LLM applications for shifting through massive knowledge bases with thousands of documents efficiently.

Vector database visualization
User Authentication

Allows you to control the access to the solutions your team builds and what data the LLMs have access to.

User authentication visualization
Everything you need for an LLM-empowered backend
Automatic CI/CD
Includes built-in CI/CD. It connects to your Git repository and automatically deploys the needed LLMs and backend micro services.
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Deploy anywhere
Start your development and deployment using our hosted ConfidentialMind portal. Or, move to your own managed Kubernetes cluster on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or IBM Cloud.
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Templates and SDK
Start development immediately with our premade templates. Do you want to build an internal LLM interface for your company? Start with the ConfidentialMind playground UI. Want to integrate LLMs to your existing backend app? Use ConfidentialMind SDK to get started.
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ConfidentialMind Head Office
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02150 Espoo, Finland
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