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Enterprise-grade LLM Applications
ConfidentialMind is a Kubernetes-based AI operations tool for deploying and managing generative AI applications at scale. Deploy to any cloud or on-premises hardware. Save development time with included templates. You focus on building the business logic, we handle the rest.
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GDPR compliance ✓
Data stays in your cloud ✓
Deployable to on-premises hardware ✓
When building industrial generative AI applications, connectivity to various internal systems and data sources is needed. This requires you to create your own stack.

With ConfidentialMind you can skip months of engineering work, while still using components from your chosen cloud vendor, resulting in cost savings and quicker time to market.
Most common use cases
Our customers choose us, because they require absolute data privacy.
LLM application life cycle management

Manage the complete LLM application life cycle from tests and POCs to production. Configure data permissions, models, and user groups quickly in the ConfidentialMind admin portal.

Industrial debugging

Build Generative AI application pipelines that help your team quickly debug complex industrial equipment based on your internal confidential material such as CAD drawings and manuals.

Process automation

Automate processes such as purchasing and tendering, in a way that fits your business goals. Create pipelines that help extract and compare complex documents reliably and securely.

Internal co-pilots

Build closed-loop internal co-pilots based on the most sensitive internal documentation and software code. Deploy LLM models, object storage, databases, and other required components with a click of a button. No data leaves your environment.

Complex pipelines

Combine multiple different AI models, databases, and data sources, to form use case specific pipelines. Host your stack in one cloud and use models from another. Test prompt combinations and change underlying models on the fly from a easy-to-use admin panel.  

Why build with ConfidentialMind
Instant value
No need to learn about hosting model endpoints, using vector databases or anything else that goes into building LLM-solutions. ConfidentialMind has it all.
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Deep integration
With ConfidentialMind, there are no technical or security limitations for integrating LLMs with your business processes. This is not possible with standalone solutions.
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To ensure you get going immediately, ConfidentialMind comes with a fully configured and customizable UI for launching your LLM solutions to your team or customers.
ConfidentialMind Offering
ConfidentialMind saves you time from setting all the following services up. All of these are included in ConfidentialMind stack and are maintained by us.
Language Models
API Endpoints
Vector Databases
Security Controls
Launch UI
Verification Pipelines
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