About Us
We believe the future of AI is AI and humans working together to deliver superior results. This will happen by companies training and modifying their own machine learning models that encompass the way they want to work and serve their customers. For this, organizations need to protect their data and use it selectively. For us the worst case scenario is a world with no differentiation.

Navigating the complex and fast developing world of machine learning and language model AI can be a daunting task. We started ConfidentialMind to serve companies around the world and help them use AI safely.

We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs and many of us have a data industry background.
Markku Räsänen CEO - Confidential Mind
Markku Räsänen
Severi Tikkala
Esko Vähämäki
Chief Architect
Henri Dahl - sofrware engineer at ConfidentialMind
Henri Dahl
Software Engineer
ConfidentialMind Head Office
Otakaari 7,
02150 Espoo, Finland
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