Playground - LLM Chat Interface
September 19, 2023
Markku Räsänen
Discover the Playground LLM Chat Interface! Learn how this customizable chat solution enables secure and efficient work while harnessing the power of LLMs for various business tasks.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the first solution template for our stack - the Playground LLM Chat Interface. Our ConfidentialMind stack contains all the software required to run end-to-end deployments of LLMs inside your own cloud or on-premises infrastructure. It also includes the Playground suite of applications that interface with the LLMs running inside your infrastructure. All of this is provided to you with a single monthly license fee.

Here is how it works: with a click of a button, you receive a pre-configured tech stack that powers a ChatGPT-like interface privately in your own cloud. This includes the language model, the internal API, and the UI, which you and your colleagues can immediately start using without data security concerns.

The reason we chose to start with a generic chat interface is the flexibility it brings to our customers. While its usage does require some additional expertise, it can cover so many different use cases that it is a must-have. It is the foundation for other more specific solution templates which we will be launching soon as part of the Playground suite of applications. The typical business use cases for an LLM chat include:

  1. Writing and editing of documents or emails
  1. Summarizing reports and articles
  1. Generating content for social media or blogs
  1. Brainstorming ideas for any topic
  1. Writing and explaining code

Once launched, your colleagues can access the chat via a private URL and a password. Here’s what the template looks like when deployed:

Since it comes as a part of the ConfidentialMind stack product, you have the full ability to customize anything you like in the template. Wish to make the UI theme match your company colors? Or change the default system prompt? Or connect it with your company’s S3 bucket? Just make the configuration edits in the ConfidentialMind stack and you are done.

To get your own internal LLM chat interface, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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