ConfidentialMind and announce collaboration to advance Gen AI use case for telecom tell tower companies
June 28, 2024
Raido Linde

Espoo, Helsinki, July 01, 2024 – ConfidentialMind, an AI software platform startup for creating generative AI applications in data centers and on-premises environments, today announces a collaboration with, an AI-powered, real-time analytics platform designed to help telecom tower companies optimize operations. This partnership marks a significant step towards enhancing the telecom industry with advanced AI, unleashing the next wave of business value.

Empowering Innovation through Collaboration

As in the recent months demand for the sophisticated gen AI solution has grown at an unprecedent speed, ConfidentialMind and are combining each other's expertise to offer cutting-edge solutions for telecom tower companies. The collaboration focuses on integrating ConfidentialMind’s gen AI stack with RAIN’s industry specific experience in delivering robust AI solutions to the telecom industry.

By joining forces, ConfidentialMind and aim to increase the use of gen AI in tower fleet operations to establish new growth opportunities for telecom companies.

This collaboration will focus on three primary areas:

  1. Innovation: By merging ConfidentialMind’s gen AI capabilities and’s AI real-time insights platform, telecom tower companies can utilize new innovative features without months of complicated engineering work and even longer trial and error
  2. Scalable Gen AI solutions: Enabling telecom tower companies to access new gen AI opportunities that can be scaled as their needs grow to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs
  3. Thought leadership: Collaborating to establish best practices and use cases for telecom tower companies in gen AI

Quotes from Leadership

"I anticipated that something like this would happen in the world of AI way back in 2019. The time is now. We are excited to collaborate with ConfidentialMind, a company aligned with our goals for the transformative potential of technology," said Henri Kivioja, the CEO and Founder of He ads, "Our perfect match of technology, business, and character, combined with our patented technology leadership, will directly benefit our customers. I am excited to kick off this inspiring journey."

“We are thrilled to collaborate with, a company that shares our vision for the transformative potential of AI,” said Markku Räsänen, the CEO and Co-Founder of ConfidentialMind. He ads, “This partnership enables us to merge our generative AI capabilities with RAIN's real-time data platform, setting new benchmarks for innovation and operational efficiency in the telecom sector.

About is an AI startup that provides a real-time data platform called RAIN for telecom tower companies. Their innovation is in AI-powered real-time analytics software that provides telecom tower companies actionable insights to optimize operations, automate processes, and generate reports, allowing telecom tower companies save costs and increase operational efficiency.

About ConfidentialMind

ConfidentialMind is an AI software startup that enables enterprises and the public sector to deploy and develop LLM applications at scale in their data centers or hybrid environments. This innovative approach enables organizations to finally take advantage of gen AI with their proprietary data with confidence and security, allowing them to achieve new levels of business insights, efficiency, and strategic decision-making.

As ConfidentialMind and collaborate, they are committed to innovating and providing transformative AI solutions to their clients, enabling them to gain a competitive edge in their markets. This partnership further reflects shared interests in implementing Generative AI to deliver real and measurable value to the telecom industry.

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