July 13, 2023
Markku Räsänen
Learn how the ConfidentialMind stack offers you a solution to protect your valuable data while leveraging open-source AI models, empowering you to develop AI-powered applications securely.

Recent developments in large language models have launched an accelerating pace of innovation in artificial intelligence. Over the years there have been multiple AI waves. With this current wave, a couple of things have changed drastically for the better. Firstly, the technology is finally so mature that it can produce broad business value to companies. Secondly, AI and especially generative AI is now much more accessible as everyone does not need to train their own model and can use a pre-trained publicly available model instead.

With these two things combined, we are seeing interest closely resembling that of the moment when the iPhone and the Apple app store were first launched and not repeated since. Some things have remained the same. The desire for companies to protect their most valuable data and appreciate security.

Starting ConfidentialMind

For this opportunity, we are putting the band back together. Many of us are both AI and data industry veterans with specific experience in business use of both. We started thinking how this next AI wave will play out and how we could use our skills in the AI and data industries to create a product that provides value to companies. With every new technological wave, there is a need for safety and clarity.

This is why we settled on the approach of protecting the companies’ most valuable data and enabling the efficient use and deployment of open source AI models. Open source AI models will allow companies to build closed-loop systems that allow them to benefit most from AI by using their most valuable and most confidential data. Think, customer records, data that forms your competitive edge, or any other type of sensitive data.

ConfidentialMind stack: what is it?

With the ConfidentialMind stack, we offer an alternative solution in between third party models that are not information secure and building all the required internal expertise to working with open source models. Using the ConfidentialMind stack, you can deploy selected open source AI models and then connect your most confidential data with these models all in your own infrastructure.

Instead of using AI in a per use case manner, you can start thinking of all the various internal and external processes you have that can be streamlined with AI. ConfidentialMind stack allows you to build fully functional AI-powered applications now or modify your existing application such as custom ERP systems to benefit from AI.

Open source innovation in AI

Innovation in AI, and especially language models, will be driven by the open source community. The market is already seeing that open source language models are developing at an accelerating pace and are actively chasing even the top large language models such as GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. These open source models will allow most companies to benefit from modern AI language models without the massive investments in both compute and people that training their own models would require. Many open source models can be fine-tuned to suit a specific need.  

Over the past few months, we have had many discussions with companies of all sizes thinking how to invest into AI whether traditional machine learning or language models. Many companies do not know how to or where to start. We at ConfidentialMind can help in this process. Our focus in the product development over the next few months will be on the ease of deployment of selected open source language models as well as the foundational security features that our customers require.  

The AI market is still early, and we are constantly seeing changes. In fact, we are often saying that one value we provide to our customers is that we follow the market and technology very closely and the models we recommend are the ones that we know are working for specific use cases. We are very thankful to our early customers and partners, and we would like to invite all of you to join us on this journey of building meaningful AI tools to power the next generation of industry use cases.

Get in touch

If you are currently thinking of integrating AI into your systems in a secure, but cost-effective way, please get in touch with me at

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